"Although there will be scars & plenty of them, it is good to remember

that in tensile strength & the ability to absorb pressure,

a scar is stronger than skin."

-C. P. E.



"The contemplation of extreme novelty cannot please a man [sic] whose taste

is already formed, because he sees in it signs of an evolution

that no longer depends on him,

something like an announcement of death."

- Robert Rey



"What I wanted was every last thing, every layer of speech and thought,

stroke of light on bark or walls,

every smell, pothole, pain, crack, delusion,

held still and held together-

radiant, everlasting."

-Alice Munro



new mini comic:




"What we call seeing a thing clearly, is only seeing enough of it to make out what it is..."

-John Ruskin



"It would be hard to exaggerate the shock of Matisse's defection in a community

which dismissed any form of art as an irrelevant, probably seditious and

essentially contemptible occupation indulged in by layabouts,

of whom the most successful might at best be regarded

as a kind of clown."




"He put away his fine sable brushes and began to teach himself to

paint with thicker, hog's hair brushes and more viscous paint.

He was trying to make his touch richer and more ambivalent, to

make each contact between brush and canvas more of a gamble."

-S. S. on Lucian Freud



I really like Alan Watts

and so does my friend Pavan

so I drew this for him:


"The most strongly enforced of all known taboos

is the taboo against knowing who or what you really are behind the mask

of your apparently separate, independent, and isolated ego."

A. W.



"What prevents you from knowing is not lack of opportunity,

but the lack of ability to focus in your mind what you want to understand."

-S. N. M.



"I'd hope it's rather uplifting, actually, since I find the sort of

blind optimism and empty laughter

of a great deal of 'contemporary culture' to be

more depressing than something that admits to a

potential for disappointment and a gnawing sense of existential mockery."

-Chris Ware



"I love myself when I am laughing,

& then again when I am looking mean & impressive."

-Zora Neale Hurston



"I ask the political economists and the moralists if they have ever

calculated the number of individuals who must be condemned to misery,

overwork, demoralization, degradation, rank ignorance, overwhelming misfortune,

and utter penury in order to produce one rich man."

-Almeida Garrett


"And then there are the laziest and most presumptuous of people,

those who can read but don't bother, who live in the smuggest ignorance

and seem to me dangerous."

-P. Theroux



My cousin asked me to make a painting of our grandmother on her honeymoon.

She and my grandpa went to the Black Hills of South Dakota, saw Mount Rushmore, and spent the night in Long Pine, Nebraska.


Here is a new mini comic.

It's about my boyfriend and the first time he stole something.




"You panic 'cause you think your car is moving by itself.

It's the other cars that're moving. Yours is standing still."




"The important thing is not that things be filmed in this way or that way,

but simply that they be filmed and not be out of focus."

-Jean-Luc Godard



"I put on a yum yum face and said, 'This is delicious!'"

-J. Ellroy



"Naturally society cherished itself alone; it prized what everyone agreed was precious,

despised what everyone agreed was despicable, and ignored what no one mentioned- all to its own enhancement,

and with the loud view that these bubbles and vapors were eternal and universal."

-Annie Dillard



"Your significance will remain forever obscure to you,

but you may assume that you are fulfilling your role if you apply yourself

to converting your experiences to the highest advantage of others."

-Buckminster Fuller



"We discover the necessity of the most constant and indefatigable exertions

in order to arrive even to mediocrity."

-John Frederick Kensett


"...I can't reallly say why, but it's true down through history

that artists never just walk away;

they paint until they die.

They strap brushes to their arms, they're propped up,

but they are stll painting."

-Robert McGinnis





**new mini comic**



"...folk in cities never got a chance to know themselves and one another:

in this land, where enemies honed a man's wits and the forces of nature

kept him trimmed of physical and emotional fat,

a person had to learn what he was and what he was not."

-Vardis Fisher


"Vince wasn't smart, but he had a mind that twisted in those those kind of patterns."

-Max Allan Collins



Here are some images of my Western Drawings.

(not the best images. sorry)



"Once I rested up against a tree

So long

I got stuck to it

That kind of love is terrible"

- Ron Padgett



"You little dandies, and other big folk may freely enjoy the fruits

of our hardships; you may feast, where we had to starve;

and frolic, where we had to fight;

but at the peril of all of you,

give the Backwoodsman none of your slack-jaw."

-Joseph Doddridge, 1821



Chris Thorson and I were interviewed by Svea Vikander for KALX's Arts in Review.


p.s. My voice sounds weird because of a cold.



Thanks for the review KQED of my art show with Chris Thorson at State Gallery.




"Oh I believe in miracles

Oh I believe in a better world for me and you"




"He went on to show how fortunes could be made capitalizing on tall tales

of the American West, becoming the spiritual godfather of the Hollywood western.

Cody was a classic resume-bloater, braggart impressario who prospered by exploiting

the gullibility of the American people, most of whom are so poorly read, so bamboozled by

religion & the sensationalist, mogul-worshipping press, & so desperate for heroes, that they'll

believe almost anything that a grand bullshitter like Cody shoveled out.

Cody's style of self-promotion is still very much a part of American life today."

-Rinker Buck on Buffalo Bill Cody



"Art is Love is God"

-Wallace Berman



I'll be showing some new drawings at State Gallery

opening December 10th 6-8pm


Also California Sunday Magazine will be selling some of my zines

in the month of December at Fraenkel Lab




"... & let me further suggest that it is not the physical or mental abberation

in itself which horrifies us, but rather the lack of order

which these situations seem to imply."

-Stephen King



I will be talking about my art at CCA Saturday October 15th.


I also have a new zine.

It's about wrestling and my first boyfriend and trying too hard.



"In every direction rose mountains, an embarrassment of them...

Some seemed so close they could be plucked as effortlessly as pendulous fruit."

-Hapton Sides



"It is the cognitive act of naming, though

-the direct citation of the concept in the picture-

that is as important as the formal nature of words or writing in general."

-Kirk Varnedoe on Cy Twombly


"Just because I drive a truck, doesn't make me a truck driver."

-Patrick Quid, Roadgames, 1981





augur-predict to divine or prognosticate

inchoate-just begun & so not fully formed or developed


"...I symbolize sometimes nothingness & sometimes a host of things."





"The arts, were a social good; each child should be encouraged to develop

his or her creativity; the popular & applied arts (with wary inclusion of advertising) must be

celebrated along with the fine arts, which were to be supported despite their occasional

elitism & perverse difficulites."

-John Dewey



"All I know is, if I didn't have this unholy momentum pushing me along, my sorry-ass corpus

would collapse in a cloud of elemental debris like a goddamn sand castle in an earthquake."

-D. Clowes



My friend Hoy likes Grace Jones so I drew him a picture.



"the whole everything a life was shimmering"

-Joanne Kyger, 1975



"It's against human nature to withdraw."

-Stella Adler



"... I wanted that conversation to become a model for all our next encounters.

I felt clever again, as if something had hit me in the head, bringing to the surface images and words."

- E. Ferrante


"All I ever really want to know is how other people are making it through life-

where do they put their body, hour by hour, and how do they cope inside of it."




"...impelled to express what he has seen & felt in enduring works without

being conscious of any further motivation. It takes place, by and large, with the same sort of

necessity as a tree brings forth fruit, & demands of the world no more

than the soil on which the individual can flourish."




"The illusion is the sense of separateness."

-Eknath Easwaran



****Handbill for my art show on March 5th****

New Zine will be available at the opening.

It is about reading because reading is awesome.



I'm also in a Group Show at Alley Cat Books.

(if you didn't see my You Should Smile Show last year, you can see some of them here)

Fri, March 11, 7pm – 9pm

3036 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

SHOW RUNS March 11th-31st 2016



---ART SHOW Coming up on March 5th, 2016---




"What the American public doesn't know, is what makes them the American public."

-Ray Zalinsky



"I passed two young fellows on the street the other day. I know who they are, they work at the garage.

They're not churchgoing, either one of them, just decent rascally young fellows who have to be joking all the time,

and there they were, propped against the garage wall in the sunshine, lighting up their cigarettes.

They're always so black with grease and so strong with gasoline I don't know why they don't catch fire themselves.

They were passing remarks back and forth the way they do and laughing that wicked way they have. And it seemed beautiful to me.

It is an amazing thing to watch people laugh, the way it sort of takes them over.

Sometimes they really do struggle with it. I see in church often enough.

So I wonder what it is and where it comes from, and I wonder what it expends out of your system,

so that you have to do it till you're done, like crying in a way, I suppose, except that

laughter is more easily spent."

-M. Robinson




"'Does it hurt?' asked the Rabbit.

'Sometimes' said the Skin Horse for he was always truthful.

'When you are Real you don't mind being hurt.'"




"'You are so serious all of a sudden,' she told me.

'I am not any one thing,' I said."

-Patrick deWitt



I made a drawing for my friends at Aquarius Records.

They are having an anniversary party this Sunday.

Thank you for existing AQ and being awesome.

(The drawing was inspired by a photo from the national archives of a Kansas farmer and his son.

What we do when we listen to music hasn't changed over the years. You just sit down and open your ears)


"The finest plant has to be modest in the presence of the soil"

-P. R. Fleischman




"...collect energy within yourself and bring through your own chemistry

the energy that is in the universe. A human being is only able to do that

by internalizing energy and bringing it through their system.

A person has all the mysteries of the universe inside."

-Albert Rudolph



I just finished a new mini comic. It's a little intense.


"Soda pop is best in the morning

when you have nothing to talk about."




"What attracted them the most, I suspect, was the recurrent

sports-page myth of the man(sic) who can do a complicated thing without learning how.

It is an old dream of childhood, and while it never comes true, people like to read about it."




"That's it!

That's it!

That's it, so it is like that!

What will I do?

Where will I go?

That's it!

That's it!

That's it, so it is like that!

Me, where I've always been

Today, I can't go there as I would

That's it!

That's it!

That's it, so it is like that!



-Groupe Folklorique Montagnais



"These myths suggest that blending natural history

and mental phenomena is not an unthinking conflation but, on the contrary,

an accurate description of the way things are."

L. H.



"...I'm a whole lot of I don't knows,

I try to stave off the I don't cares..."




"... Marciano feinted a left beautifully and followed with a right

hard enough to rearrange anybody's emotional pattern, and, sure enough,

in the fifth Charles displayed a pinch of spontaneity."


"I remembering thinking, as I looked at him in his corner after the sixth round,

that he was strong and unmarked, but I was perfectly sure he would be knocked out,

and sure that he was sure of the same thing."

-A.J. Liebling



"A man's clumsy talk and colorless style may lead you

to think him ignorant, but his consciousness is often

the art of thinking and his heart a receiver of oracles."

-K. Gibran



"Belief is like love: it cannot be compelled..."

-Arthur Schopenhaur



"... perhaps he is less shy than hesitant at the moment of truth,

forever surging with inspiration only to halt and retreat

into doubtful reflection.

It is a rhythm of life to which many of us are accustomed

but which few of us would admit..."

-Ken Jones



"You can control a mad elephant;

You can shut the mouth of the bear and the tiger;

You ride a lion;

You can play with the cobra;

By alchemy you can eke out your livelihood;

You can wander through the universe incognito;

You can make vassals of gods;

You can be ever youthful;

You can walk on water and live in fire;

But control of the mind is better and more difficult."






reprinted some zines



"He embraced a vision of art that he dubbed Suprematism, which expressed his hope

that art would lead people from the materialistic embrace of acquisition and accumulation

to a dematerialized realm of pure feeling."

Eleanor Heartney on Kazimir Malevich


"...And the fascinating mystery of what it is that we mark and measure

must in the end 'tease us out of thought' until the mind

forgets to circle and to pursue its own processes,

and becomes aware

that to be at this moment is pure miracle."

A. W.



''Some art crosses your lap and covers your face with kisses.

Some art snarls at you and barks at you.

Neither of these things seem to me the way to proceed.

I think I like a decent distance between the writing and the reader.

There's a kind of decorum governing everything I've written.''

-Donald Barthelme



"The term asymptotic means approaching a value or curve arbitrarily closely (i.e., as some sort of limit is taken)."




"Critical responsibility, then, must be to those original acts, to the experience of the making,

in which, we assume, lies the most profound, because most human, meaning of the work."

-K. H.



"We were so much in the moment...

Yeah, we thought the whole idea of things lasting was part of the problem...

You should be permanently reinventing yourself...

We played it all like it's one song, they weren't supposed to be little songs,

it's like one big river."

-Mike Watt


"...to insist that what we mean to one another is fluid,

provisional, subject to reinvention."

-Dennis Lim



"...when the unstoppable bullet hits the inpenetrable wall..."

R. A. Johnson



"The drawings, in their very profusion, model the central tension in Conner's artistic project,

torn as it was between the absolutely individuated and boundlessly universal-

nearing, at points of severe strain, the pathos of outsider art."

-K. H.



Kubrick and Tony obviously became, at some point during their relationship,

tireless amateur sleuths, wanting to amass and consume and understand all information.

-Jon Ronson



"The only power that reigns is the inextinguishable desire to face, at any price,

the blind love present in human existence without any consideration of the outcome."

-Arthur Schopenhauer



"All of us experience some form of this; the idea that getting what you wanted quenches the fire that got you there,

unless some process guides the cross hairs of your desires to something less quenchable, more solid in its intangibility."

-Rodney Mullen



"A movie tries to pacify people by keeping it going for them

so it is sheer entertainment, well... I hate entertainment."

-John Cassavetes



"It's just the way I perceive the world. I have a kind of nervousness

that leads to rapid juxapositions. It's not so different from punk rock.

You scream but you modulate a little."




"We were made to feel like nothing-

so we got busy building something."

-Ian Mackaye



"Alot of artists are really bad craftsmen and most craftsmen are really bad artists."

-Grayson Perry


"Enough brains to see it and not enough guts to stand up to it."

B. S.







"Everything in this book really happened, but some of the things that happened only happened in my head..."

-Geoff Dyer



"The intent is to elide aesthetic issues,

to make the content, the literal reality of the images,

speak to the viewer in language that is unembellished."




"Why you not have ambition?... Why?

Have the greatest ambition possible.

You want to be immortal?

Fight to be immortal.

Do it."

-Alejandro Jodorowsky



"...You're just a butter knife, I'm a machete."

Big Daddy Kane



"Say what you need to say plainly and then take responsibility for it."

-Ai Weiwei



"He'd said it casually but wondered if he had ever said anything more heartfelt."

-Geoff Dyer



I made a drawing of my friend Aimee when she was kid.

She was earnestly trying to be what someone wanted her to be.

But I can tell... Aimee wished she was surfing.



"I astrally projected myself onto the ceiling to survive. It was all so wildly embarrassing."

-Jonathan Ames



"Art was simply functional. used to record history. used by shamans.

To protect and serve people. A collective memory. The idea of 'owning' art was ridiculous."

- Matt Kindt



"I was born a lonely singer, and I'm bound to die the same,
But I've got to feed the hunger in my soul.
And if I never have a nickle, I won't ever die ashamed.
'Cos I don't believe that no-one wants to know."

-K. Kristofferson



"Shouldering your loneliness
Like a gun that you will not learn to aim,
You stumble into this movie house,
Then you climb, you climb into the frame.
Yes, and here, right here
Between the moonlight and the lane,
Between the tunnel and the train,
Between the victim and his stain,
Once again, once again,
Love calls you by your name."

-Leonard Cohen



I drew a dude for my friend.

I don't know anything about him other than he was way into the ladies and was kind of full of himself. (sorry if I besmirch)

But Michelle finds him amusing and thinks he was quite handsome so I drew him for her birthday.

Bhagavan Das


"How I miss you-I can feel it in my molecules."

-Richard Dawson




"Listen if the night will let you

to songs I sing and things I say

tomorrow when the air is different

you'll forget and go away."

- Rod McKuen

"This material is psychically assimilated by the poet...

given an expression which forces the reader to greater clarity and depth of human insight

by bringing fully into his(sic) consciousness what he ordinarily evades and overlooks or

senses only with a feeling of dull discomfort."

-C. G. Jung



Here are my fruit paintings.

(I wish I had better images of them)

It took me five years to make them.


Also my friend Jedd asked me to draw him in a shark's mouth.

(He's wearing shark skin boots)


Also another drawing.

"we see into the life of things"



I'll be in a group show at The Aesthetic Union.

Party February 13th 6-9pm

Bad Luck Club





My friend Chad asked me to draw his grandma.

She died Saturday night, the 24th, and my drawing arrived in the mail on Monday.







"There’s something about all of these songs that is both evocative and just slightly out of reach, making you wonder if unsolved puzzles can be true."

-M. Richardson about Bedhead



"Don't make decisions thinkin' you're a low life.

Make decisions thinkin' you're a great man. at least a good man.

& don't be a god damn pussy."

- M. Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster



"There were times when I felt profoundly moved to watch the changes

in people's faces, which at odd moments looked as I fancied they must

in infancy, & would on their death beds."

-J. Howard


"For they were both imprisoned in the marble of what I suspect was an indifferent work of art."


"Though not amusing, he was so good-humored & easily pleased

that it was impossible not to like him"

W. S. Maugham




"Correct coordinated action seems, and feels, effortless

no matter how great the actual amount of work involved may be.

This assertion may seem sweeping, but it can be shown to be true in every case.

...the presence of effort is the indication of imperfect action."

-Moshe Feldenkrais



stuff like this should be in museums

thank you L.C.K.



How about some creepy dolls?

Thanks Missouri Valley Antique Mall for thoroughly weirding me out.

( I didn't move the dolls. I found them this way.) The tags look morgue-like.

Happy New Year.

this next one is horrifying.


this next one has no eyes or feet!native american dolls not creepy just sad. all locked up.




"...samples that suggest metal scraped and stabbed against metal & crackling with a static that seems to come from a cesspool of Rice Krispies

wired with contact microphones...but a gigantic two-tone pulse lingers just beneath the mess, glowing ...

The track is a wonderland of control, a series of musical mirages nested inside one another, testing the borders between punishment and relaxation."

- Grayson Currin



"For what we mean by 'understanding' or 'comprehesion' is seeing how parts

fit into a whole, and then realizing that they don't compose the whole, as one assembles

a jigsaw puzzle, but that the whole is a pattern, a complex wiggliness, which has no separate parts...

as we figure the world out we become confused if we don't remember this all the time."

-A. W.



"...suddenly pushed me, then grabbed me before I could fall,

& laughed at the fear on my face."

-Pete Hamill


"Patty didn't know what to do with her facial expression."

-J. Franzen



"People seem strange: they are constantly angered by trivial things,

but on a major matter like totally wasting their lives,

they hardly seem to notice..."

-Charles Bukowski


"Yay team. I know I can do it. Just put me in coach."

-Franny & Zooey



"We find in the most interesting art (as in life) that we can have an acute sense of something-

if you like, something is powerfully apprehended-yet it is not fully understood."

-B. Henson


Here is some art I made for California Sunday Magazine and Nest





"Terror reconsidered at a calmer moment"

-definition of humor according to James Thurber


"We will learn to cut off the outside world, or to make music from what comes in."

-Joe Kamiya



"Cassavetes rode the whims, upsets, vagaries, & mysterious impulses of humanity like a champion surfer."

-Kent Jones



I put up my You Should Smile drawings.

(not very good images but you get the idea. go to the show at Pauline's Wine Bar to get a better look. up til December 20th)

I made a short video of my Great White Sharks prints.

(a cinema auteur I am not)

The show will be up until December 1st at Tailored.

Great White Sharks

(song is Tous Le Garcons Et Les Filles by François Hardy)



"...Absolute impersonality.

You are playing a role. There is no individualism whatsoever.

& the main point is to get that idea."

-Joseph Campbell



260 Valencia Street

(Around the corner on Brosnan Alley)


I will have art work displayed at the upcoming Pop-Up Magazine events

in SF November 13th & LA November 19th.

Pop Up Magazine


Also I have contributed some art to the San Francisco Cinematheque Art Auction Benefit.

SF Cinematheque




"And thus the native hue of resolution

Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought."

-W. Shakespeare



"Hence arose the saying, 'If I love you, what is that to you?'

We say so, because we feel that what we love is not in your will,

but above it.

It is not you, but your radiance.

It is that which you know not in yourself, and can never know."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson



"Certain kinds of gallerists may want the magazine (Artforum) to be serious

even if they have no real coordinates for distinguishing a serious article

from the empty signifier of seriousness abused."

-Jack Bankowsky


"Perhaps the secret of both Zen and Taoist humour was that neither

took the objective world very seriously;

they made fun of the cumbersome intellect

and of all forms of conventionality and pomposity."

-Alan Watts



"the standin outside & the lookin in"

"as a perfume dealer, you stink"

"everything is a passing thing"

"I felt ashamed, yet wronged. I also felt like the only thing that I ever wanted to happen was finally happening."

-some people


"Today I bought a salad just to look at it, smell it, and rub it on my face."

-Joe Wenderoth



Please come to my art show.






"The more life was compartmentalized, the more did people write, talk, and study the subject of creativity.

Corporations even had departments of creativity. And the more the preoccupation with creativity grew,

the less did many people feel it as part of the daily flow of their lives."

-Somebody in 1969



"...I have no home:

I make awareness my home.

I have no life or death:

I make the tides of breathing my life and death.

I have no body:

I make endurance my body...

I have no talents:

I make ready wit my talent.

I have no friends:

I make my mind my friend.

I have no enemy:

I make carelessness my enemy.

I have no armor:

I make benevolence and righteousness my armor..."

-Anonymous samurai, 14th century



''I feel that life is very fragile. We're all just hanging by a thread; it's very spooky. I can best come to grips with it by doing my work. I guess that's why I'm an artist.''

-H.C. Westermann



"If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness,

the eternal life belongs to those who live in the present."

-Ludwig Wittgenstein



"...the weird hurt of learning a new thing."

-M. Maron



"The landscape belongs to the person who looks at it."

Ralph Waldo Emerson



"We were living in a world that nobody with any sensitivity could accept or approve."

-Hannah Höch


"We are like the Spider.

We weave our life and then move along it.

We are like the Dreamer who dreams and

then lives in the Dream.

This is true for the entire universe.



"They can't drive me crazy cuz I'm close enough to walk."





"At the point of pure ideas

sometimes very high

physicists or poets

touch pure idea

sometimes music, art,

a vase, a hieroglyph

or something

gets so essency

you feel

you are touching


- Richard Alpert




"I'm against all the fake stuff.

I'm not into that.

I'd rather stumble through a song

than mouth the words to

someone else's voice."

-Lauren Bacall



"I'm learning to see

I don't know why it is but everything penetrates into me more deeply

and doesn't stop at the place

where until now it always used to end.

I have an inner life that I didn't know about

and everything goes there

and I don't know what happens there.



"I'm not telling stories, I'm handing over trays of stuff"

-Robert Altman



Come. 6-9pm

266 Sutter Street




"It is in dialogue with pain that many beautiful things acquire their value."

-Alain de Botton

"The rapture of unavailability"

-John Waters





"I've always enjoyed work and never had an issue doing it... I can't not do it.

It's not so much that it's compulsory, it's what I do everyday. It's more fun

than any party ultimately. It's more fun than hanging out with any group..."

-Duggie Fields




Please come and enjoy the art.

It is up now. until early November.

Reception September 4th 6-9pm at Tailored.

p.s. Shark Week started on Sunday. Good Timing!


"I remember looking forward to a certain

thing or event that is going to happen, and

trying to visualize its actually happening and not

understanding "time" one bit. (Frustrating.)

Frustrating because, at times, one can almost

grab it. But then you realize it's too slippery, and

just too complicated, and so you lose your footing,

totally back to nowhere. (Frustrating.) Still believing

that a certain sort of understanding is somehow

possible, if approached delicately enough,

from just the right angle."

-Joe Brainard





"The winds they blow

& the leaves they wag

but they'll never put me

in their bag."


"Isn't it good to be lost in the wood?

Isn't it bad, too quiet there in the wood?"

-Syd Barrett



"Who is it that can tell me who I am?"

-King Lear



"...Hardcore punk rock, what I like about it, was that all the bands sounded different

and there was a totally collapsing part of it, where it was falling apart...a lot

of the stuff became more militant...what now people describe as punk rock... is very structured, to me,

it's kind of straight.. regimented, 'this is the way I think'. But what I really loved about the pure chaos of it,

was you couldn't pick anything out of it and they were just really nihilistic... but at the same time

there was such a humanity to it. It was raw. Punk rock got a little safe."

-Lou Barlow



Richard -"Jeannie, do me a favor... Don't be silly anymore. Just be yourself."

Jeannie- "But I am myself. Who else would I be?"

Richard- "I'm serious"

Jeannie- "Definition of serious... blah blah blah"

-John Cassavetes, 1968




I made some paintings for my friend Peter.

Here is his wife when she was a kid in Norway.





-Joe Brainard



"...We just had a little group of friends where we would just build art out of anything.. where

we would just let things go with art you know...we would ruin all of our new stuff... we'd

put it all together and set fire to it. And that's the way we did art. And that's

what the Meat Puppets came out of."

-Curt Kirkwood

zine fair tomorrow





New zine

17 Movies



Added a mini comic- charles schultz and daniel clowes


"Were there points in the career though, when you were like, 'This isn't happening fast enough or this isn't working out'?"




"Well, I think it's because I didn't have any attachment to an outcome. I think when people enter this business.. you hear people say, 'I'm going to give it a year..and if I haven't made it by then...'

and I'm saying, 'What do you mean?.. What's 'make it'? What does that mean?' Everybody has their different ideas but that's attaching your life to an outcome of some... ambiguous kind of way (sic).

But if you love this art form, and you commit your life to it, then all you really want is opportunity to be able to make a living and however that take you in its circuitous route...

It's never A to B to C to D. It's alway a different way."

-Marc Maron interviewing Bryan Cranston



"Jaws says that the way to self-realization may be through self-exposure and even self-humiliation.

And that horror is exorcized when we realize there is nothing we can do about life's arbitrary

absurd malignities except fight them case by case..."

-Nigel Andrews



"He was inscrutable, patient, kind-seeming without doing

anything more kindly than being calm."

-Sean Wilsey



"There was a small telephone pad near the phone, with Nick's name printed

in the upper left-hand corner. There was something in Nick that desired constant re-establishment

of his identity. Shirts, cuff-links, cigarette lighters, wallets, hat-bands were all smartly initialed.

The match books he handed you said, 'Compliments of Nick Latka'."

-Budd Schulberg



"You can only do a certain amount of the politicking and manipulation... Everyone has a certain

level where they go, 'Okay that's enough of that.'...I'm not going to just try to maneuver myself into

positions of success. Because that was never the joy of it. That's not why I did this.

I didn't do this because I thought, 'How great would it be if I could get meetings and sell ideas?'...

I did it 'cause I like to write comedy."

-Bob Odenkirk



R.I.P. Farley Mowat



"...moving swiftly away from the dealer-critic system that defined it

since the end of the nineteenth century, into

some private collector/celebrity artist/monopolistic gallery/prestigious auction house/Russian oligarch system

that has disastrous predictable and perhaps felicitious, unpredictable effects on contemporary art."

-Theirry de Duve



"We've taken high culture very very seriously but we haven't taken

popular culture that seriously, and in recent years we've begun to understand

perhaps popular culture affected people even more deeply than high culture."

- Pauline Kael



"It's what has always pushed us since the beginning... we want to find out something beyond what

we already know...I think that's why it's transforming, trying to get outside of itself...

get out of the most boring aspects of self-congratulatory 'band-ness'.

We've always been running from that. That's what we do best- run FAST away from that."

-Emil Amos






"As far as I know he didn't learn any occult secrets there. Nothing much

happened at all except exposures...absorbed and thought and then absorbed and thought

some more, and that was about it. All his letters show is an enormous confusion of

contradictions and incongruities and divergences and exceptions to any

rule he formulated about the things he observed."

-Robert M Pirsig




"Place yourself in the middle of the stream of power and wisdom

which flows into you as life, place yourself in the full centre of that flood,

then you are without effort impelled to truth, to right and perfect contentment."

-R.W. Emerson


"He spun his hips and whipped his arm, feeling nothing, less than nothing,

no sense of foreboding or anticipation, no liveliness, no weight,

no itch or sentience in his fingertips, no fear, no hope."

-Chad Harbach



"So I'll see you again by accident or maybe I'll see you again."

-Roy Harper



"Innocence so constantly finds itself in a false position

that inwardly innocent people learn to be disingenuous..."

- Elizabeth Bowen

"I try to break that sense of inevitablilty toward a destination."

-Rudy Wurlitzer



"The shame I win for singing is all mine,

The gold I miss for dreaming is all yours."

Edwin Arlington Robinson



"We could well drown in memories, memories of images and misremembered

moments that become our own private, hermetic, worried-over icons."

-Ray Pride



My friend Sarah asked me to draw her a picture of her all -time favorite crush.




Kristine McKenna: " You once made a comment, 'Basically we're all repulsed by each other.'

Do you really feel that way?"

Dan Clowes: " In a certain context, yes. I do think that's true. You don't want to look too closely."



"Payne is a rare type in American film: a regionalist,

who keeps returning to the specifics of his Midwest experience

in order to find something universal."

-Margaret Talbot



"Between when I was buried and unburied.

Between what happened and was meant to be."

Seamus Heaney



Darkness of Self



"...Of aspect more sublime; that blessed mood,
In which the burthen of the mystery,
In which the heavy and the weary weight
Of all this unintelligible world,
Is lightened:--that serene and blessed mood,
In which the affections gently lead us on,--
Until, the breath of this corporeal frame
And even the motion of our human blood
Almost suspended, we are laid asleep
In body, and become a living soul:
While with an eye made quiet by the power
Of harmony, and the deep power of joy,
We see into the life of things..."

-William Wordsworth



"It's how these people think... these fuckers don't give you enough time to figure out the problem.

It's a math class. The whole deal is a math class. Just like every math class there's a clown in the front row

and everybody hates this fuckin' clown cuz he's raising his hand and he's answering all the questions.

What do we do? Move on. Just fuckin' move on ready or not. He's deciding we have to move on.

He's deciding we have to move on. He knows his math.

Me, I hadn't figured out about Santa Claus yet... dragons... gasoline was my favorite smell."

- Frank Roberts drunk at a bar while his baby is being born



"As soon as it meant something it was less dangerous."

-Roland Barthes



Harry Dean Stanton

(Kris Kristofferson's laugh is really good)



",,,he(sic) should draw the lesson that his wants are to be trusted,

that even when their gratification seems furthest off, the uneasiness

they occasion is still the best guide of his life, and will lead him

to issues entirely beyond his present powers of reckoning."

- William James



"I am too alone in the world, and not enough

to make every moment holy.

I am too tiny in this world, and not tiny enough just

to lie before you like a thing,

shrewd and secretive.

I want my own will, and I want simply to be with

my will,

as it goes toward action,

and in the silent, sometimes hardly moving times

when something is coming near,

I want to be with those who know secret

things or else nothing."

-Rilke translated by Robert Bly



Pinky Rose- "What do I do now?"

Millie Lammoreaux- " Well, you can start by taking some that cheese spread

and squirtin' it all in a circle on top of those sociables and then put an

olive on top of each one... K?... Oh don't eat the whole ones!

Just eat the broken ones. Those are for the guests."



"That haircut, for example: rather closely sheared, without affectation

and above all without any particular shape, indeed quite artless, not even trying for technique,

a sort of zero degree of barbering; of course hair must be cut, but at least this inevitable operation

need not imply any particular mode of existence, let it be without being something special."

-Roland Barthes Iconography of Abbé Pierre



"She sat frowning and trying to puzzle it out.

It was as if Rosicky had a special gift for loving people,

something that was like an ear for music, or an eye for color.

It was quiet, unobtrusive; it was merely there."

-Neighbor Rosicky



"And we not only fought for 'Bread' but also for 'Roses'.

Everyone should be entitled to an education and everyone should

have access to the arts, the roses that help to create a truly human being"

-Milton Rogovin




"I don't want to be contained in any way. As a person and as an artist, I always feel restless.

I don't ever feel comfortable set in a specific style or function.

I always want to try something even if it doesn't work.

If people consider something I do to be a failure or a mistake, I'm fine with that.

Sometimes there's beauty in mistakes, and the most interesting things

sometimes come out of what people consider to be...awkwardness."

-Harmony Korine




"... I most certainly expect, as I walk into a gallery, to confront either a bunch of

autonomous icons pretending that I am not present or a covey of "difficult" autodidacts

intruding into my space and making theoretical demands on me or, worse, some bits of paper and

string whose creator clearly expects me to bring more wit and mercy to the work than I possess."

-Dave Hickey

"I don't know what is worse, you know, being blown up in a nuclear war or

having a 7/11 on every corner."

-Brian Kelly Gleaming the Cube



Alexis Coe wrote a really good article about women

living in San Francisco during the gold rush.



"...part of the frightening aspect of advertising: everything is perfect.

You like it and at the same time it's scary because you know that there's

all this stuff that's left out. That stuff that is left out is you."

-Mike Kelley



"The few people who visit me are poets and writers, rather than painters,

because I value their reactions...a poet...said that (Deluge)

looked as if an invisible presence had been there, but had left these objects and gone somewhere else.

I like that kind of reaction, compared with 'the green works, the blue doesn't work'".

-P. Guston



"Animals and plants are wonderful guides."




"I refuse to be the hero or the villain of my life"

-Andrew Hudgins



I am contributing some drawings to a Pop-Up Magazine performance

at The Chapel on Wednesday June 12th.



"Each time a man(sic) stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve

the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple

of hope. And crossing each other from a million different centers of energy

and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down

the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."




"A guy pulls up in a minivan and asks us about our trip. He tells us

he's always wanted to go on a long bike trip but he's never had the nerve.

Then he apologizes for his minivan, "It's my wife's," he explains, which I guess

is his shorthand way of apologizing for his whole life, and all its compromises and small defeats.

When he drives away, LJR and I decide he was a phantom: the ghost of things regretted.

LJR wants to burn some sage or perform a purfication ritual.

Because that's a ghost you never want to get a visit from."

-Bill Brown



"His basic lesson was to trust oneself: all things exist for the creative mind,

no institution or precedent or prohibition is ever binding.

He was not afraid to oppose common sense, to be unintelligible,

to rest his case on image and metaphor- on 'fancy'."

-Alfred Habegger on R.W. Emerson



New mini comic: anticipation.

It's a bit ...metaphysical.



Here are the paintings I made for the Needles and Pens show.

Up until June 8th at The Luggage Store.

auto class and rifle club



I am in an art show.

Friday May 10th.

Celebrating the ten year anniversary of the shop Needles and Pens.


here is more information



My dad was a farmer and he always liked to hold on to stuff.

Didn't want it to go to waste. Figured at some point it might be useful.

And I beleve it afforded him a sense of comfort to behold it all.

Like a talisman.

But about ten years ago his garage was getting so crowded they couldn't fit the car in it.

I was visiting and decided to organize it.

Just to give you an idea, dad had about fifteen Folger's coffee cans full of screws, nails, and washers.

(This was all stuff he found on the street)

Lots of golf balls(dad never golfed) and tennis balls.

I set aside a bowl full of stuff that was a mystery to me.

It was a warm summer. Dad liked to putter. Pulling weeds, watering his tomatoe plants, feeding peanuts to the squirrels.

When he grew tired he would sit on the couch and watch baseball. I was at the kitchen table drawing.

I'd get up and show him a drawing and he would tell me what it was.

It tickled him that I would want to do such a thing.

It is a fond memory.

Dad's Doodads




"... I believe in people treating each other with respect.

And there's a whole side of punk that just has to do with like,

'I'm within my rights to offend everybody, make them uncomfortable,

and disrupt whatever they're doing because I am asserting myself.'...

Fuck that person!" - Richard Hell



"...the answer is only important if the question is intelligent." - Anderson Silva


"I never felt that my relationship to records or movies was merely one of a consumer.

I always felt something was going on, and I was using those feelings,

those skills learned from sitting in front of a record player or movie screen, to guide my decisions." - W. Oldham



I took some zines and comics over to Issues in Oakland.

It was nice to meet Joe. He is congenial. He was listening to records as he worked. I liked that.


I have artwork in the Southern Exposure Auction this Saturday.

I am reading The Pale King by David Foster Wallace.

About ten years ago I made a zine about boredom . It is called "Things that might not be boring".

Here is an example:


I quoted DFW on the back cover.



I made some buttons.



John Coltrane. Mr. PC = JOY



"If I paint something, I don't want to have to explain what it is."

- Bob Ross



2013 Calendar about animals.

Yes, I did indeed hand draw 12 individual fonts for each month.

Seven bucks if you want one. Thanks.



Put up some tractors.

Because tractors are way cool to look at.

I also love cement trucks when the thing is spinning and it is painted a nice color.

Also a calendar about animals is coming very soon.

Here is the california condor. Did you know they poop on their legs to cool off?



I have some art in a show right now.

Art House LA

by appointment any day from Nov 25th to Jan 31st
Please RSVP:jacquie.israel@mac.com
or call 310-308-6923 with questions or to schedule an appointment

Also my friend Cody has a radio show called Home Alone on KALX.

Sundays from 9-12pm. GOOD music.


My Uncle Danny is pretty awesome. I talk about him in my shark book.

He plays music. He recently put up a new website.

The super 80's video is a gem.

We penpal. I love him.



My friend Jason is turning 40.



THIS is good.



New mini comic about my history with gum.



My latest zine, "Read This To Get Your Enjoys #3" got a nice review over at the KQED website.

Thank You!



I put up a new mini comic.

Here it is.



"I have seen art where there was no museum to certify it."

William Zinsser




I am putting doodles on Twitter.



I added some new art about MUSICIANS.

i like the date today. good symmetry.




I just added my shark book. It is an etching.

(soft and hard ground plus aquatint) edition of 10.

More Great White Sharks to come....

click here if you dare



Read This to Get Your Enjoys is available NOW!

Buy from me or purchase from Needles and Pens or Explorist International.




I am participating in this show on Saturday February 4th.

Fresh stART 2012

and this is coming soon...





I went to a farm in Illinois and worked there for a few weeks in October.

I deeply appreciate my friend John allowing me to come to his farm.

I met some wonderful people. Ate some incredible vegetables. And learned a few things about farming.

This farm was biodynamic. if you are curious, look up this guy: rudolph steiner

Farming is so hard! I am humbled by the work of those who grow my food. thank you.

Here are some photographs. ( i need to remind you i am not good at photography)



My grandma smith turned 99 on August 4th. She passed away around 6pm that evening.

No one will love me quite the way she did.

i feel so lucky to have known her.

here she is in 7th grade. 1925




Hello! why yes, i did put up new paintings at explorist international. thanks for asking.


stopped at explorist international and put up some new .



i put up some paintings at my friend chris's shop.

the display will be changing every few weeks.

it is a series about author's i like.

please stop by his store. it is pretty darn cool.




letterpress handbill

available for $20

11 1/2 x 17 1/2 inches

limited edition of 100




i put up my world records prints.

here is a nice article about the show.



Art show on January 14th at the Curiosity Shoppe.






marlon brando one and two are available.

you might think you know who he is.

a guy who was this great actor and then got fat and weird and then died?

think again.

art show coming up in january. more info later.



Longview is available again. obtainable for six bucks.

marlon brando one and two will be available very soon.

(i'm excited about that)




I am part of this thing called Invisible City Audio Tours

the opening tour is on September 3rd during the

oakland art murmur




here's a nice review of the malmo show.



I am going to be in a couple group shows....

1. needles and pens show at the krets gallery in malmo, sweden.

( i dunno how to put in an oomlout. there should be one above that "O" in 'malmo')

2. a traveling show of sonny smith's 100 records.

it was in san francisco and also in texas somewhere and soon it will be at cinders gallery in brooklyn, new york.

i am also participating in this public arts sort of a thing called invisible city audio tours.

(i am working on some art about wigs. wigs are cool and weird)



happy new year. i made a calendar for my friends and family.




got some photos of my trip to iowa. look here!

check this out. i recently drew my farm house i grew up in.


and i found this one i did when i was a little squirt.

i thought that was pretty cool.



so i made a bunch of drawings for this journal called friends listography.

i also got some drawings printed in this literary magazine called MAKE.

and i'm doing this thing.

and hurry and get down to lost weekend video.

there is new director t-shirt.

john cassavetes and gena rowlands.


here are other drawings i made.

yes. i agree. they are the coolest couple ever.

i'm going back to iowa for some changing of leaves and apple cider.




i went to europe in june and july.

below is a pizza place(name made me giggle) and cool street sign in amsterdam.

check out more pics.



more reviews about shows.


hideous sunday blog

if you'd like to own a longview zine of your own (look below)

you can get one from me or needles and pens in san francisco

or FAMILY in los angeles.



more news about show

sf weekly



hello. here is some news about my show and other stuff.

sf chronicle

n & p

sf bay guardian

sf weekly

fecal face

my love for you ...

mission mission

another sf weekly

i am in a group show on saturday APRIL 4 at Baer Ridgeway Exhibitions. opening 4-6 pm.

also my friends are on a west coast tour.

here are the dates for the rhombus and coolzey.

playing at the hemlock friday april 10th.

i think they are great.



a reminder of my show at needles and pens. MARCH 13, 2009, 6-9:30pm!



and the brand spankin new zine called "LongView" .

stop by.



went back to iowa. took some photographs.

i must remind you i am horrible at picture taking.

i have an art show in the middle of march.

information about when and where and what here.



more people i see doodles.



kung fu vs. yoga

love the crunchy sounds.

and also the sound of the two kung fu dudes pouring glue on the yoga dude.

(it is dubbed in french which makes it extra weird and nice.)




i was just informed that there are more HERZOG T-SHIRTS at lost weekend video

so go over and get one.

or if you live in like canada or nyc call them up or whatever.

dress with some flair.



here's an interview i did with this real nice guy david for his blog commotion.

(he posted it on november 28th. might have to scroll down a bit or something)

we are both enthusiastic about basketball and steve martin and peter sellers.




i was talking to my mom a few days ago and she told me some funny stories so i made a mini comic about it.

and the sam peckinpah t-shirts are now at lost weekend video in case i didn't mention it.

(look below for image)




actress buttons now at lost weekend video.



thought i'd explain my director t-shirts because i am getting folks emailing me and asking to buy them.

this project is in collaboration with this really great video store i live next to. lost weekend video.

so far we have done...

werner herzog roman polanski

and yes!... sam peckinpah is next. (got some folks asking if i'm doing him. glad good minds think alike)

peckinpah should be printed up in a couple weeks.

we are sold out of the herzog and polanski ones.

we are still trying to figure out the details about print up more of the herzog and polanski t-shirts.

lemme know if you have any more questions about whatever.

thanks for emailing me about the director t-shirts. even if just to tell me your favorite polanski movie.

i am way into movies. they are a big reason why i make my art.

oh.. and i wanna say that i think it's important to be a patron of your local video store or record store or library or whatever.

having a sense of neighborhood is important to me. hope it is to you too.



more people i see.

and more buttons at lost weekend video soon.



david foster wallace is gone.

he was an incredible person with an amazing mind.

i am so grateful i got to see him read a couple years ago.


fuck. this is awful.




hullo. i just got a nice email from this dude jared who told me a couple sites on the interweb wrote about my art.

here and over here.

that is way cool. thank you everybody.

(it's always nice when someone besides my mom likes my art.)



you didn't ask for them but here are more people i see.



that nice gal meighan over at her website

my love for you is a stampede of horses

just emailed me and told me she put up a nice article about my actor buttons.

thank you!



new actor buttons at lost weekend video.

here are the actors.

also i put up the entire marlon brando volume one comic.

i made it seven years ago. it's kinda dorky.

looking at it on a computer is no where near the same as sitting and reading a comic.



i am bad at photographs.

but check out iowa if you'd like.



my friend cody is a GREAT musician.

he's playing clarinet along with a score he made (with John Ridener) for Roger Beebe's short film, Tour/Tower, at A.T.A. in SF Saturday, May 31.

his music makes me want to make my art.

and just so ya know.. i got my enjoys zine volume two

at aquarius records

and Family

and soon to be at needles and pens

and N&P are having a 5 year anniversary art show on the 7th of june. thumbs up andrew and breezy.

i'll have some art in that.

and here's a nice little article about my director t-shirts at lost weekend.

thank you!

okay.. see ya later. i'm off to iowa.



way super nice review from folks at aquarius records for read this to get your enjoys volume two.

(scroll down to "f" for "forde")

ah geez thanks.



a very cool psycho path




been working on a book the last couple of years with this guy paul paper from lithuania. (check out his work it's great!)

i had so much fun working on it.

and paulius is real nice and cool and all that.

a couple things have change since we made the art.

my bike got stolen. ouch.

and my mom lost 60 pounds. whoah.

no matter how big or small my ma is perty.

hope you have fun looking at it.




finished enjoys zine volume two.

lemme know if you want one.



added some more people i see.

and my latest mini comic about music.

my friend danny is going to europe to play music in may.

he said he'd put my little mini comic on his merch table.



i got this book from the library about this danish photographer. maybe everyone already knows about jacob holdt.

i don't really know photography all that well, but his work really stopped me in my tracks. it's very raw and honest.

he traveled the u.s. in the early 70's and was so shocked by the social differences in the population that he ended up staying for 5 years.

he sold his blood plasma for film. he didn't even have a nice camera.

i couldn't believe the poverty. it looks like the depression. but he stayed witih rich folks too. like the rockefellers. makes it all really bizarre.

i dunno how he gained the trust of the people he took pictures of. he's like a fly on the wall.

here's a few. and here's some info. read about how the kgb was trying to involve him and his book in the cold war. it's wickity wack.

jacob holdt and frank king are my favorite artists of 2008 so far.



my friend chad makes music. he's good at a lot of stuff though. (he did a review of the elephant man movie in my last zine)

he is one of those people who will make a bunch of incredible songs and record it on a cassette tape and then

lose the cassette.

luckily he didn't lose this tape.

side one

side two

he recorded it all live with a sampler, record player, guitar, and voice.

also got about 15 or so junk food calendars at aquarius records.

might be gone already.. i dunno.

here' s their incredibly nice review of it.

Cautionary Calendar About Junk Food zine calendar 4.00
We've said it before and we'll say it again. We love Maria Forde. She can draw anything. Famous directors, zombies, vegetables, and eventually, she's gonna draw all of us!
You'll be able to see all the various AQ folks rendered in Maria's inimitable style.
But until then, you can count down the days with this bad ass Maria Forde calendar. A Cautionary Calendar About Junk Food you can hang on your wall, small enough to keep in your bag or even your pocket, and packed with awesome drawings. And it's not just the drawings, it's the subject matter. Just like her various series of directors, actors, her choices are unlikely but so so perfect.
So here we have a year's worth of images, legends and misfires of the junk food world: the inventor of Dubble Bubble (originally called Blibber Blubber!), Hostess cupcakes, Frosted Flakes, Lik-M-Aid, the man who invented the process of freezing McDonalds French fries, and helped create Cheez Wiz, the inventor of sliced bread, Baby Ruth bars, one of the possible inventors of the TV dinner, the inventor of Mountain Dew, Gene Hackman as Willy Wonka and more!!!
We're having a snack attack already!

oh.. and next t-shirt at lost weekend video coming very soon.

it will be roman polanski.

if you haven't seen repulsion, cul de sac, knife in the water, rosemary's baby, the tenant, fearless vampire killers, chinatown and my favorite version of macbeth..etc. etc..

...you should.



my friend matt made a video about me and my art.

if you didn't already know i was dork you will now.

matt, you rock.




put some new stuff up.

more people i see.

and my fetching veggie etchings.

and a mini comic.

and i also got an illustration in the sf chronicle.

it was for a book about food.

happy new year.



the folks at lost weekend told me that an assistant to les blank (he directed "burden of dreams")

bought a herzog t-shirt for blank. i guess blank hung out with herzog and he saw it and wanted one. so the gal got another for herzog.

hard to believe. how i'm just nobody scratching pencil lines on a piece of paper in my garage

and then somewhere down the line the big man himself got to see my drawing.

that will be my xmas present this year.



got a show coming up on december first.

there will be some homemade calendars at the show too.

bout junk food.

also working on some collaborative drawings with my friend wiley. his art is grade A plus.

and not much really gets me super excited. so that means somethin. he should be in museums.

also i am totally blown away by this persimmon tree in my back yard view.

it's colors are so incredible i am convinced it radiates heat.

latest people i see.



working on my second Read This to Get Your Enjoys zine.

i think i pulled together some real nice folks.

some of the stuff inside the zine will be about...

hip hop and surfing and the alphabet and a place called "rebel plaza".

got a show coming up in december. stay tuned.



gunna be goin from sf to nyc.

i will be strategically placing several mini comics along the way.

be back at the end of the month.



i'm in a group show in seattle at the Bookatorium Gallery

Thursday, August 2nd 7.oo-11.3oPM
The Bookatorium building, 1016 1st Ave, 3rd floor downtown.

my friend ron lives there. i hope he goes.



so i should mention that the t-shirts are at lost weekend video now.

it's been a couple weeks i think.

they made about six dozen of em. and they are a limited edition.

here is the drawing they made them from.

this is the start of a series of director t-shirts. buckle your seat belt.

and more people i see doodles.



with help from my friend jesse (sweetest fellah ever)

i got the rest of my crap up on my website.

the music stuff was shown at my friends' store Record Collector.

it is sadly no longer around but it was a sister store for the original one in iowa city.

please go there. kirk is great.



i got my A strange 31 years paintings up.

and this wedding invitation. letterpress is real awesome.

oh.. my friend hunter helped me take some digital images of my art.

he's learning how to document and has a nice camera and is a real nice fellah. so if you need cheap help..

add13@hotmail.com (hunter lydon)

also got a swell review from aquarius records about my ENJOYS zine. just scroll down alphabetically to "R".

gunna be in a group show in seattle early august. more later on that.

still putting up more art but my 'puter was a real asshole today.

it's almost midnight and i need to eat some food. i'm plum tuckered out.



i'm in a group show next week about best friends. here's the info i was given:

"Best Friends Forever" featuring work from over 20 local artists
On display from June 25-29th at Space Gallery, 1141 Polk Street, SF
Closing party on Friday, June 29th at 8:00 p.m. featuring live music from Brian Glaze

this will give you some idea of what my art will be like.

(oh.. and that "yay" before summer is compliments of miss bandy)



more people i see doodles. here are some older ones.

and director t-shirts coming soon to Lost Weekend Video.

you might see something like this.



enjoys zine available at quimby's.



i did some illustrations for this children's book. it's called exactly.



finished my zine. READ THIS TO GET YOUR ENJOYS. get it from me or needles and pens.

also put up my mini comics. they are pretty retarded but fun to make.

there is one in each of my zines. oh and the back cover is on the front page of my website.

( i stole that quote from an old radio program called "the escapist")

more people i see here.

and then more to come soon.



so i added more stuff.

my friend galen is part of my advice stickers project (coming soon). if you don't know galen you are really missing out on life.

this guy named chad got ahold of me several months ago (he moves all around but i think he's from wisconsin)

and so he wanted to do a project with me. we each picked ten friends and asked for some advice.

i'm almost finished. i got my last person and advice today. we communicate by letters to each other so it's a little slower than email but i'd highly recommend it.

chad is at some army barracks or something in texas and i guess mail is extra nice to have when you are forced to get up at 4 a.m.

i actually jump up and down when i get mail. it's just so cool. and chad's handwriting looks like aaron cometbus. nice.

i put my sticker packets up for view also and i got about 25 of them left if you want one.

i also added some more of my dorky people i see doodles.

and i'm finishing my book up with my friend from lithuania. we are figuring out the details of where we should print it.

and he sent me his photos yesterday and they are super amazing.

there are a couple people i wanted to thank for being really cool and liking my art.

first this guy billy. here's his blog. he has some shots of my solo show that was at little tree.

then there's this magazine called Mesh. they talked about my buttons at Lost Weekend Video.

i don't know who wrote this little article about my buttons but they mentioned that they wanted a harry dean stanton button.

if someone knows who it is tell them i have a harry dean stanton button waiting for them at my house.



how bout a nice little article. (on page 4 & 5)

it has a goofy photo of me and brent and forest at the little tree.


i'm going to have a sticker packet in the post-postcard show.

Opening Reception and Sale: Thursday, November 30, 6-9 PM
Exhibition/Sale Dates: Friday, December 1, 1-8 PM, Saturday & Sunday, December 2-3, 11am-6pm

i know you've all been wanting something to stick on to something.

you know... for the holidays and shit.


holy shit.. i just watched the coolest thing in the world.

you can actually watch my library song (see in my 10/21/06 news for details) being played by my friend john and his band. wowee.

it's called "maria stacks"

check it ouuuuuuut.


so i added a few things to my home page.

buttons are at Lost Weekend Video and the zine is available at the little tree gallery.

I got a nice thing written about my paintings in the newspaper.



This nice eye-talian fellah named Claudio asked me some questions and put it on his nice blog



okay.. first things first- i got a solo show coming up at little tree gallery

i was told there will be cheap beer and some vegan finger food.

and i'm making a little zine for the show too.

that same day.. november 4th i got some drawings coming out in this art magazine called faesthetic.

(this issue is about death and love) mine are about a dog getting shot and the first valentine i ever received.

you should be going to lost weekend video Anyways but go there to see my new buttons. they should be there within a week.

(they are "ten movies i think are good") and they are bigger. 1 1/2" (see my july news below for image of "the jerk")

and i can't emphasize enough how rad the lost weekend people are. they helped me pay for my buttons because i have no money. so cool. please support them.

then go look in newspaper. the sunday issue of the sf chronicle on october 29th. i did a colored drawing of a grandpa in a dress. fun.

so then i was in a group portrait show this summer and i painted this really nice guy andee. he is way cool.

and you know.. it's weird to have someone paint you and i was a bit worried that andee would think it was retarded.

then i got an email from him and he said stuff like this.. "just saw the portrait.
WOW. i love it. really. i'm so flattered that you wanted to paint me at all, and i think it's awesome."

holy shit.. am i hhhappy.

so if you keep your eye on the aquarius records website (which you should be checking out Anyways) his portrait will be there soon for you to see.

another cool thing that happened was that i asked my friend john if he wanted to do an exchange with me.

he is into werewolves so i asked him if i made him a drawing of a werewolf then he could make me a song. i said it had to be about libraries cuz i like them so much.

here is the werewolf. (it's called "why you be frontin wolf man?") -and next time you come over i'll play you my library song. i can't tell you how cool i think it is. incredible.

and i've been working for rent money and alot of my projects have been put on hold cuz i have no time.

paulius - my lithuanian friend- broke his arm and our book was slowed down a bit. i think we'll print it in his country cuz it will be cheaper. we're aiming for the end of the year.

and finally i have been working on collagraphs in my printmaking class. it is frustrating as all get out. i've never done them before and it is very humbling.

the collographs are called " the Guiness Book of World Records collagraphs". here is one of the drawings i am working from.

and i'm trying to save up to go to nyc and l.a. (i've never been to l.a.)

money is retarded.

and i'm going to see crispin glover tonight. could life be any more awesome than that?

huff.. puff.. whew.. okay.. nuf said.



so about a year ago i thought i was losing my marbles and i went and bought some little pieces of manilla paper.

and i told myself to try to just draw someone i saw. i did about 20 of 'em last summer and then i started to do them again.they are here.

here are the last 3 i have done. they are nothing special.

so all you all don't go asking me why i drew you weird or something.

working on these vegetable etchings. here's one. (it's a parsnip)


making stickers for my friend jason's band miracles of god and those nice japanther fellas.

and finally.. i gotta mention my grandma drawing (that was) on the intro page. i feel kinda weird about saying this because her hands are all crippled.

but after i drew it i was staring at it and man.. it totally looks like she is throwing up a sign or some shit. i laugh when i see it.



I got some groups shows coming up...

Little Tree Gallery "Grand Opening Group Show" Saturday July 15th 6-9pm. 3412 22nd St. (415) 643-4929.Through Sept. 3.

Tin Horn Press Gallery "Facing West-A Portrait Show" Thursday July 27th 5:30--8pm. 511 Laguna. runs July 27th through September 4th.

Space Gallery Friday August 4th 7pm. 1141 Polk St (this one is about zombies)

If anyone knows that nice guy Andee at Aquarius Records I painted him for the Tin Horn Press show.

I have been finished with my movie buttons since mid may but I can't seem to finds someone with a 1 1/2 inch button maker.

i know all you all are are dancing on one leg waiting for a button of the jerk.

and jenny says she's close to finishing up her alphabet so we can start making an edition of our drawings. (see 4/26/06)

me and this guy chad from wisconsin are gunna make some stickers. "ADVICE STICKERS" (more on this later)


I went back to Iowa to see my fam-damily. i am from a small town. and there is this sign that i have always looked forward to seeing.

it has been in this guy's yard for a really long time.at one point an extra sign was added. "accounting". but i was crestfallen to see that it had been changed.

see for yourself..krazy's. if you squint you can still see the "guns". he must have lost his license ... for some reason. (he still does accounting.)

i also made a drawing for a t-shirt. the band is called t.i.t.s.



Okie Dokie.. so first off Cody finished his album. the rhombus. hell yeah.

I finished my paintings. "a strange 31 years". trying to figure out where to put them. here is 1981.

I also finished my alphabet. here is letter G "goiter". i am patiently waiting for miss dupont to finish hers. you can coax her in a gentle way to finish if you'd like. jenny

Something else that is awesome is this guy paulius from lithuania somehow found my website and emailed me. we are making a book together. he is cool.

And and.. i'm also making some pillows with my friend sarah enid. she is cool also. she makes videos. she likes monsters and spooky stuff.

so the pillows i'm hoping will be called "durable demon defense cushions". cause i think that's funny.

and finally i am half way through with another series of movie buttons for Lost Weekend Video.



THE RHOMBUS has a new album coming soon. "Margins". therhombus.org (i'm all excited)



I made a drawing for this article about a cool black explorer dude.

It wasn't printed in color. which kinda sucks but oh well. it was fun to do. here it is in color.

I'm donating stuff to a couple different things.

My friend Brook asked for "bicycle art" for a fundraiser.

Here is the art fart.

Also donating stuff to The Lab for their 10th Annual Art Sale.



I put up some new etchings.

And those nice folks at Southern Exposure asks me to make a postcard.



My friend john said, "hey can i ask you some questions?"

so i said, "okay just don't ask me if i'm wearing clean underwear."

check it out. (thanks john)

fecalface.com (email john if you wanna read it. he told me he has to put it up on his new site and i know he's busy)


So yeah, the reproductions of the Pick Pocketer Series are now available. finally.

There are two additional ladies to make it a set of 8.

The prints can be purchased directly from me and picked up at the printer. shipping is an option too.

click here for size available and price list.

If you live in the city and are interested in seeing a set of the prints, I have a set and you are welcome to come and look at them.

i''m on painting "1996".


I will have some work at The Lab for the Post-Postcard Show next weekend.

Sorry for the delay with the reproductions. I will be going to the printer next week. More info very soon.

I didn't get the xeric grant for my Marlon Brando comic. boo hoo.

Working on some paintings. a strange 31 years I'm on "1989".


New contact info up here.

Reproductions of the pickpocketer series (from the art on market street kiosk posters)
will be published soon. Please email if you want to be contacted when they're available.

Might make more buttons. Gonna make some t-shirts too.


I made some art that will be shown at the Record Collector (485 14th St, SF, CA).
The opening is this Saturday, Aug 20, 5-9pm. You should come.
Show will be up until mid to late Sept. Open 12-7 daily.


My women pickpocketer posters are up on Market St in San Francisco until mid-August.
Three have been stolen from the kiosks... Weird.

Guy actor buttons are were up at Lost Weekend Video (21st and Valencia) and all the buttons are available from me.

I'm applying for a grant to help publish my Marlon Brando comic, the cover of which looks like this.


Updated site with some new stuff from Fall 04.

Actor buttons will be available soon were available at Lost Weekend Video (21st and Valencia).

Almost finished with my Arts Commission paintings - based on mugshots of S.F. women pickpocketers from the early 20th century.

Check for new contact info here.


I have some work up in a group show at the Hespe Gallery at 1764 Union Street (near Octavia) in San Francisco.
The gallery is open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Wednesday through Saturday, and Sunday from 12:00 to 5:00 pm.

Also, I've been selected for the San Francisco Arts Commission Art on Market Street Poster Series.
I don't the exact dates yet but I'll have the work up from about May to August 2005.
More info here.

The pencils for Marlon Brando, vol. 2 are complete and I'm plugging away.


A few pictures from the Mission 17 show are here.
And some new work is up: Fifties Ads and Sent Postcards.


Concrete Particularities show up at Mission 17 Gallery featuring me and Alice Cattaneo.
Open February 6 to March 15 at 2111 Mission @ 17th St, San Francisco (buzz Blue Studio).
Open Tuesdays 3-6pm, Saturdays 2-5pm, or by Appt.
Closing Reception Saturday, March 5 2-5pm.