this the farm house i slept in.

check out my farm hat.


i loved the little cubby spaces.


main big barn. it was once used as a milking barn for cows. now it stores vegetables.

some psychics came to see if there were ghosts on the farm. evidently the barn on the right is haunted.

there is an assembly line with a conveyer belt inside. it is where the vegetables are boxed.

you can see the buckets that we took out into the field.

this is where we washed the vegetables.

this is the entrance to the kitchen in the main barn.

john has a good eye for fun objects.




i like this old step stool.




i love this pie tin cupboard.

april ran this kitchen. she is very cool.



the green house. it was kind of quiet in there when i was around because they were finishing up the growing season.

this is where all the machines and vehicles came to get fixed. notice the 4 objects hanging behind netting above the door.

i was told these were stag bladders filled with flowers. they were placed there on a certain day and stayed for a year in order to attract good vibrations.

later they will be buried in the soil in order to help the root vegetables grow. (for more information read rudolph steiner)


sorry blurry photo. i like cubby spaces.



mysterious tools


found this horse jaw in the attic of the garage. imagine warm weather and lots of bugs flying around.

and i used a flash because it was pretty dark.


goat barn

that's april in the yellow slicker.


milking station for goats.

this guy has stickers all over him. (lower back and on his goatee)

they usually mow down the weeds but didn't do it quick enough.

i think he wanted to eat my camera



this guy has one horn for some reason. i was told it always gets stuck in the fence right here.

"why don't you help me out here?"

Learning Center. they have classes on all sorts of things. like making wine, bread, and cheese.

apples picked by some school children


this is my favorite photo i took.




this dog watches over the chickens.




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