nice sign.


we went to a park out by the missouri river.

the "muddy mo" as my mom calls it.


out of control plant.


a kajillion types of flowers in her yard.

i forgot most of their names.

my grandma said these were honey suckle

(i guess you open up the back end of the flower and sip out sweet nectar) but

my mom said that they were somethin different. started with a "c"

honeysuckle are on bushes.



bleeding hearts


antique mall outside of town.

all those eyes creep me out.


dad hug.

i asked mom if she had epsom salts so i could take a bath.

look at the expiration date. that's over 20 years old.

i thought that was cool.


i found out where it was.


i like how there is a bunch of space between the "H" and "U".


wondered what exactly is the "uta halee girls village"?

makes me think of some place deep in a forest where

girls are jumping rope and playing marbles.


i really like the word "slacks".

no one seems to use it anymore except thrift stores.


no need for vacation. a beer will do.


waiting for mom and saw a skatepark outside of big grocery store in omaha.


i was like.. "smile mom smile".

and then afterwards she said "it isn't as funny if you smile. you have to look serious."


more creepy eyes.


god i wish i was billie or sara or kimberli romantic.


i'd go here sometimes with my dad when i was a kid.

it is super great.


how bout some smooshed cars...





on the lower right you can see tennis courts.

they took down the nets and added basket ball hoops.

i went there and shot some.

these two boys came over and asked to shoot with me. i let em play for a bit. they were young. like 8. when they took off on their bikes one of em said, "you know what?" and i said "what?" and kept shooting. and he said,

"you are hot!" i wanted to yell out "that's gross i could be your mom!" but i felt weird and didn't.


i like the roof. and the couch on the porch.


trunk house.

many walks thru the cemetery.

this one was smiling at me.