bout 45 degrees. took off my coat it was so nice.

walking in the dips.

really cool tree stump.


that one on the right is pooping.

it snowed! 5 or 6 inches.

flowers in the stairwell to the basement.

interesting and weird mail box.

went to blair to thrift.

mom found these disturbing dolls.

reminds me of david cronenberg's "the brood"

stopped by and got some bones for the dogs.

(free on wednesdays)

it says, "parasol color changes as weather changes"

"use on your auto, boat, shelf, or desk"


remember when you could just walk down to the store and buy 10 pencils?

i am continuing my mom's habit of putting a finger

in the camera lens.

they were originally $6.oo. but i saw they were still charging $2.59.

that is nuts.

i swear i came around a corner and this guy was lying like this.

mom spied this clock with no arms. it's unsettling to see a clock with no arms to me.


mom said she bought her piano from this shop.

this fellah was on frances's door.

she is a neighbor of my grandma at her retirement home.

she is really cool.