iowa FALL 2009



dappled sunlight, crisp air, and those lovely yellow and red and orange leaves.

baby chair my sister and i sat in.

mom had some pangs of regret getting rid of it.






i would throw up before i would have a piano recital.

so a nice trash burial for these is appropriate and comforting to me.


what makes someone want to keep their broken retainer?

only a weirdo would feel the need to keep it. right?

p.s. come to think of it, my mom showed me

her retainer which she has saved for over 50 years. ha.

p.s.s. i parted ways with mine.




when i was 11 my walls were covered with river phoenix.






i remember buying this at the mall.




i found some drawings i did with my dad.

i think these are pretty cool.






this must have been valentine's day. why else would i draw something so weird?



i kinda like how i signed my name. alot of my drawings

were hard to photograph because i drew lightly for some reason.

easier to eraser i suppose.



i found this copy of a junior high newspaper type thing.

i guess i was interviewed. this is so painfully embarrassing.

i am still cheerful and love basketball.

the other stuff seems to have been written by an obnoxious 13 year old.




went to an apple orchard with ma and grandma!


they had like 13 different kinds of apples. so good.





the lovely ladies.


in the pumpkin patch





did some thrifting and found this guy in the parking lot.

looked way too cramped to me.

but he sure is cute.



people make fun of me in sf for saying "pop".



i like the design and the font and colors.

and those lines that express his floating motion.



um....yeah i have the talent and time to repair my bra.

elegant design packaging though.







thrift stores all over the country are filled with all this nice national geographic yellow.





these "towels" sound like something that would give you cancer.

i mean.. read what you can do to them! creepy.

it reminds me of my dad chuckling about how he used to use

agent orange as a herbicide on his crops.



this is my favorite photo i took.


sorry this is blurry.



donated to a churchy thrift store in council bluffs.






after. happy halloween.

( i will be a nun)

watch "the fearless vampire killers".