AMSTERDAM!. looking this way...

....and that way.



i love fruit.



outside the yoga studio.





it was raining one evening and i noticed this door in a canal.

it looks like an entrance to some parallel universe.

i'd be walking and then the road would open up.

LIBRARY! this one was really classy. lots of comfy places to sit.

tons of movies and live music and good art books.

view from library as i was reading.


i went to the suburbs to visit a friend who was taking care

of this enormous dog that smelled like butt.

he was a sweet dog though. just very old.



this is the house of the dog. you can hardly walk around there is so much clutter. tons of books.

cool tiles in the kitchen.

amsterdam i thought had the best farmer/flea markets.

i mean for crying out loud isn't this the best pickle stand ever??


never seen a wood semi before.

had to check out the art stores. rarely see such a good selection of pigments.



next i went to VILNIUS, LITHUANIA! the land where no one smiles!

celebrating their millennium.

that is such a long time i can't really conceive of it.


yes. that is tony soprano in a bathrobe. it is probably the coolest thing i saw on my

whole trip. not so much the actual statue. but just the experience of finding it.

i asked my friends and they nonchalantly said "of course everyone watches "the sopranos".

(i have to admit i detected a bit of new jersey here. lots of stone washed jeans, big hair

and cheap perfume wafting in the air)


had to try this soup. because of the color.

it is served cold. kefir and beets and dill. very tasty.


my friend gabriele.

as i was walking to the theater to see "drag me to hell" (great movie!)

i saw these flower shacks.

i like how they stacked em up.

went to a town outside of vilnius to visit gabriele's grandparents and see a castle.

(yes. they have a castle in their town.)

her grandparents were very charming. my most favorite people i met.



i took a bus to RIGA, LATVIA. the landscape reminded me of iowa.

i walked around the airport killing time and found this area where they had

abandoned stuff.


so me and a couple friends are walking along and i had to elbow them

to pay attention to this turkish guy's shirt. not sure what he's trying to achieve with that.

and yeah.. they can drink beer on the street there. and it's cheap.

like 60 cents for a 22 ounce bottle.


speaking of beer, this is a fellah i stayed with. i turned to him and noticed

he was drinking "hell"!. (i was told it mean "light" beer in german)

he is being a sport and giving me a demon face.

kinda goofy public art. but it's real bikes which is nice.

weird shit at flea market.

found these matches.



yes i like fart jokes.

super weird graffitti in berlin. i like that someone stuck a fork in her bikini bottom.


some viking came down here from scandinavia!

so on to SWEDEN!

yes. i stopped and took a photo of this fart sign.

library!! this one is really gunna knock your socks off.

it's cylindrical.

i sat and read a good part of leonard gardner's "fat city"

great book. and great movie.


i think i'd wanna get picked up by the cops here if it meant i could hang out in this


the escalators in the subway were sooooooo long in stockholm.

i also have to complain that i forgot to take a photo of this

totally incredible water park place that reminded me of "let the right one in".

next i went to a biodynamic farm village outside of jarna, sweden.

farm girl emilie. she is going to school on the farm there. she is a horse whisperer.

well, she is being trained by the lady who worked with the horses in that movie.

i decided emilie was awesome when she said,

" i always wanted to name a dog 'iowa'"

here is emilie and her horse and my friend john peterson.

he had a documentary made about him and his farm. it is great.

in the barn looking this way.

and that way.


well hello.



coolest swing ever.

wild strawberries.




emilie said she was taught to string them on a weed so you can get them all

ready and then slide them into your mouth at once.


outside of the biodynamic restaurant.


back to amsterdam for a day or so before i flew home.

yes more fruit!